Sunday, 12 April 2015

solar based airconditioning

Dear friends,

With the world debating on climate change concrete actions by each one of us are necessitated to minimise its impacts.  A climate crisis is inevitable unless all countries, all individuals limit carbon emissions in the near future. This will only happen if low-carbon technologies become cost competitive, because subsidies for clean technology cannot sustain it in the long term. Success will require focusing on strategic investments that create a market cost advantage for clean power.

One such possibility is solar thermal or concentrating solar power (CSP), a technology that uses direct sunlight and mirrors for chilling requirements. Under adequate conditions, solar and solar-assisted air conditioning systems can be reasonable alternatives to conventional air conditioning systems. Such systems have advantages over those that use problematic coolants (CFCs), not to mention the incidental CO2 emissions that are taking on increasingly critical values.

Further, there is a positive correlation between solar and cooling requirements. More the heat, higher is the requirement of cooling. Cooling consumes between 20-30% of the electricity produced in India. The challenge is to produce low cost solar concentrators using indiginised materials. Further, such concepts need to be promoted on a larger scale and integrated with commercial buildings. It would go a long way in minimizing the electricity usage.

I seek your valuable suggestions.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

making of an institution - part 1

Dear friends,
For past couple of months I was busy searching for right Institute for my son. Born in a family of engineers, engineering became a natural choice.
As the date for entrances, counselling approached our anxiety level too increased. Unfortunately missing out on IITs and good NITs, we were at cross roads.
Everyone offered free consultancy based on their perception or experience.
He had an offer from Manipal, SRM and VIT Vellore. We researched and researched. Finally concluded to take a call on VIT.
The university opened on 2nd July and as a parent I accompanied my son to supposedly settle him in the Institute. From Chennai airport it was a nice 2 hours drive to the Vellore campus. Anxiety was still there. But when we reached VIT Vellore, the green and extremely well laid out campus gave us the first level of comfort.
The procedures and the help available for allotment of hostels / mess was extremely simplistic and streamlined. The comfort level that was provided by the mentors and authorities was just just terrific.
No wonder in a short span of 30 years, VIT has carved out a niche for itself.
I'll share my experiences in part 2. Till then bye.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

a date with bureaucracy - part 3

Dear friends,

Its been a long time since my previous post on the subject. Nation is the grip of politics with election fever all around us. Every candidate is promising us moon with promises of cleansing the system. For past 60 years or so its been going on. Promises and promises; hope and hopes....

Well to come to the point in my recent experience with bureaucracy a friend out of inquisitiveness asked did the system work or did u make the system work by greasing the palms of people at helm. Its interesting.

After doing 4 rounds to the officers and spending hours and hours of waiting in their offices when I dropped tired I too tried the time tested formula i.e the agent. My decision was brilliant. Now only the work was done in a time bound manner but also the document was home delivered.

I was just wondering. Its just a win-win formula. My time was saved-i spend the time more productively; good for the nation !! The fuel that I burnt driving 4 times to meet the officers-bad for environment. So good for cleansing the air !! The small gratification fees that I paid helps run the homes of agent !!

Not that I am propagating the so called corruption; but it makes the system run so very efficiently. Any takers?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

a date with bureaucracy - part 2

Dear friends,

In a coffee table discussion in office a friend gave a brilliant suggestion.

He suggested that since all of us are reasonably well paid every month we should set aside just 1000 bucks as facilitation charges. Now if someone's expectation is 100 bucks, we should pay 150. Things would move absolutely fast. Life would move immensely comfortable too. Kejriwal or no Kejriwal.....

Life would be just zinga lala.

The point is that how much facilitation charges does a commoner like me pay in a year; surely not more than 12000 in a year. So he suggested that all that we need to do is change our mindset rather than have a mindset of a changed system.

Probably this why an average Indian is contented with the so called corruption in the system. Atleast things move on. Else under the garb of a clean system, people at helm would entangle you in a myriad of hazaar rules and regulations. This is precisely what I experienced yesterday.

Do we really have any need to cleanse the system? Any comments / suggestions?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

a date with bureaucracy

Dear friends,

Today I had an opportunity to experience our grand bureaucracy yet once again. A lot has been said and heard about the ways of bureaucracy but I was privileged to have a first hand experience today.

I wanted a dependency certificate for my son aged 17. On reaching the office at 10 I asked a office boy for the concerned officer. First remark was 'dont get after the agents and get it done yourself'. I was amused and decided to give it a try myself. Waited till 11ish but the so called sahab did not appear.

Finally when he came I handed over all the papers to his staff to get the signatures of sahab. The officer told me that it could not be done as it required verification by his junior. I told him that my son was a minor and hence dependent on me but he said its a border case. Imagine a boy still studying in class 12 and yet not dependent.

Now my agony started. I was running from one room to another only to find most of the so called officers missing. Finally dead tired I had to catch hold of an agent who promised to get the work done by tomorrow.

God bless me....

Saturday, 19 April 2014

green energy

Dear friends,

The other day I attended a seminar on Solar Energy where almost whos-who of industry was present. Speeches, presentations and discussions as were expected took place. Major focus of the seminar was on roof top solar; perhaps India too wants to emulate the success of Germany.

During the Q&A session, one gentleman made a remark that if a layman wanted to go in for a roof-top installation whom should he approach. Another point that emerged was that there is no mechanism for information dissemination on this.

The issue that all of us face is that all these seminars and conferences in starred hotels are for enlightening the people who are perhaps already enlightened. This point I have been making time and again. Now for a commoner, what is it that we should do.

One suggestion is that free lancers / professionals may conduct series of workshops in universities, schools and colleges which of-course must to be a two way process. This would have a much needed multiplier effect in resource creation (trained manpower or rather informed manpower). Once we have people who are able to appreciate these technologies then only our mission of green energy can be fulfilled.

This I am speaking from my own personal experience. As a trainer for green technologies right from solar to wind to hydrogen etc etc,  I have been conducting many workshops in variety of places. This is helping generate the much needed awareness for green technologies. I guess this is a vital step in promoting such technologies.

Any suggestions.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pride of Uttrakhand

Dear friends,

Being born and brought up in Uttrakhand, let me introduce you to the beautiful hill station of Nainital. I am sure many of you would have visited it; but the place has so much to explore that every time it appears a brand new place.

Its a wonderful drive from Delhi; the road is well laid with not much of traffic.

Let me take you around the beautiful environs of the city beautiful. The city revolves around the scenic lake surrounded by majestic hills. Beautiful breeze and the freshness in the environment just rejuvenates you.

The city has excellent collection of hotels all around the lake which offer just picture perfect view from their rooms. There are good eateries around. In addition, there are good places for window shopping too.

Nainital is yet another jewel which everyone must explore again and again

Nainital lake

Lake from my hotel