Sunday, 12 April 2015

solar based airconditioning

Dear friends,

With the world debating on climate change concrete actions by each one of us are necessitated to minimise its impacts.  A climate crisis is inevitable unless all countries, all individuals limit carbon emissions in the near future. This will only happen if low-carbon technologies become cost competitive, because subsidies for clean technology cannot sustain it in the long term. Success will require focusing on strategic investments that create a market cost advantage for clean power.

One such possibility is solar thermal or concentrating solar power (CSP), a technology that uses direct sunlight and mirrors for chilling requirements. Under adequate conditions, solar and solar-assisted air conditioning systems can be reasonable alternatives to conventional air conditioning systems. Such systems have advantages over those that use problematic coolants (CFCs), not to mention the incidental CO2 emissions that are taking on increasingly critical values.

Further, there is a positive correlation between solar and cooling requirements. More the heat, higher is the requirement of cooling. Cooling consumes between 20-30% of the electricity produced in India. The challenge is to produce low cost solar concentrators using indiginised materials. Further, such concepts need to be promoted on a larger scale and integrated with commercial buildings. It would go a long way in minimizing the electricity usage.

I seek your valuable suggestions.

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