Tuesday, 22 April 2014

a date with bureaucracy

Dear friends,

Today I had an opportunity to experience our grand bureaucracy yet once again. A lot has been said and heard about the ways of bureaucracy but I was privileged to have a first hand experience today.

I wanted a dependency certificate for my son aged 17. On reaching the office at 10 I asked a office boy for the concerned officer. First remark was 'dont get after the agents and get it done yourself'. I was amused and decided to give it a try myself. Waited till 11ish but the so called sahab did not appear.

Finally when he came I handed over all the papers to his staff to get the signatures of sahab. The officer told me that it could not be done as it required verification by his junior. I told him that my son was a minor and hence dependent on me but he said its a border case. Imagine a boy still studying in class 12 and yet not dependent.

Now my agony started. I was running from one room to another only to find most of the so called officers missing. Finally dead tired I had to catch hold of an agent who promised to get the work done by tomorrow.

God bless me....


  1. Reposting... Let us know when your work was finally done and how much did it cost you? Do you think this situation would not have arisen had AAP continued ruling in Delhi? Do you have a similar experience during those six weeks when they were in power. I am only curious, no political agenda :)

  2. The problem is attitude and sensitivity. How do you change people? Atleast by greasing palms you dont have to run after them. When they know that they wont get any benefit they simply find ways and means of harassing a commoner under the garb of rules. People responsible for public works are not at all accountable; look at a scenario if DM or SDM level officer is not present in office in office hours then who do you ask or find out his whereabouts.

  3. As far as I know, no government department keeps a record of my dependents. Corruption and lethargy apart, why should any one requires a government officer's dependency certificate and how can the officer verify the dependency?