Saturday, 19 April 2014

green energy

Dear friends,

The other day I attended a seminar on Solar Energy where almost whos-who of industry was present. Speeches, presentations and discussions as were expected took place. Major focus of the seminar was on roof top solar; perhaps India too wants to emulate the success of Germany.

During the Q&A session, one gentleman made a remark that if a layman wanted to go in for a roof-top installation whom should he approach. Another point that emerged was that there is no mechanism for information dissemination on this.

The issue that all of us face is that all these seminars and conferences in starred hotels are for enlightening the people who are perhaps already enlightened. This point I have been making time and again. Now for a commoner, what is it that we should do.

One suggestion is that free lancers / professionals may conduct series of workshops in universities, schools and colleges which of-course must to be a two way process. This would have a much needed multiplier effect in resource creation (trained manpower or rather informed manpower). Once we have people who are able to appreciate these technologies then only our mission of green energy can be fulfilled.

This I am speaking from my own personal experience. As a trainer for green technologies right from solar to wind to hydrogen etc etc,  I have been conducting many workshops in variety of places. This is helping generate the much needed awareness for green technologies. I guess this is a vital step in promoting such technologies.

Any suggestions.

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