Wednesday, 23 April 2014

a date with bureaucracy - part 2

Dear friends,

In a coffee table discussion in office a friend gave a brilliant suggestion.

He suggested that since all of us are reasonably well paid every month we should set aside just 1000 bucks as facilitation charges. Now if someone's expectation is 100 bucks, we should pay 150. Things would move absolutely fast. Life would move immensely comfortable too. Kejriwal or no Kejriwal.....

Life would be just zinga lala.

The point is that how much facilitation charges does a commoner like me pay in a year; surely not more than 12000 in a year. So he suggested that all that we need to do is change our mindset rather than have a mindset of a changed system.

Probably this why an average Indian is contented with the so called corruption in the system. Atleast things move on. Else under the garb of a clean system, people at helm would entangle you in a myriad of hazaar rules and regulations. This is precisely what I experienced yesterday.

Do we really have any need to cleanse the system? Any comments / suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Do you really feel the corrupt officials will remain content with your 'offerings' and they will make do with the same amount for the future too?